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Teaching Children Inclusion
Anti-Bias Storytime

I use anti-bias tools and strategies to help children build awareness around critical topics affecting their world, today. Using 12+ years of anti-bias teaching experience, I facilitate storytime to create safe spaces for learning about diversity, the meaning of inclusion and promoting essential dialogue for asking questions and growing into informed, caring members of their communities. 


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Interested in a private anti-bias storytime for a company event or for your own group of families? Email ($15 per family) 

"I believe children are citizens, and it is our job to show them what social justice can look like. It starts as soon as they grasp what a community is, and that journey begins now!"

Why Is This Important NOW?

  • Current Events: In our current socio-political climate, it’s VITAL to create awareness and space for dialogue about anti-bias issues as early as possible for children. 

  • Timing: Kids start forming their identity at birth and develop prejudice as early as 3 years old just by trying to make sense of the differences in the world around them. Talking about anti-bias topics early helps to address unconscious biases and misconceptions that form before these ideas permanently shape their view of others.  

  • Utilizing Supports: I see the need for parents to have help navigating these critical topics with their children and read-alouds are the easiest access point to begin important discussions while also allowing a safe space for questions. This is what I LOVE to do and I'm excited to share my skills with you!

What To Expect

We will read a series of quality anti-bias themed books from my personal collection that I’ve built over the last 10 years. They all highlight the spectrum of the human experience and help to create understanding, acceptance and appreciation for others.


Topics include, but aren’t limited to: self-identity, race, culture, ethnicity, families, gender, LGBTQIA, disabilities, neurodiversity, socio-economics, immigration, beauty culture, holidays, and more.


I look forward to working with you and your little ones!

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