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Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes PERMANENT.


Repetition is the key to mastery. In order for anti-bias work to truly be EFFECTIVE, we have to frequently reflect on it. We need time to build up the confidence to feel comfortable enough to then practice what we've learned and act from a social justice-oriented standpoint.


People are not born upstanders; they're made.

For progress to continue, we have to revisit our tools and strategies, wrestle with new ideas, reflect on the work at the moment, and sit with the discomfort that comes with addressing biases. My job is to facilitate all this with tools and strategies to help create strong, inclusive environments that can have the flexibility to bend and sway with the needs of the population of employees or students it services.


Invest in the anti-bias work that will support your community & foster inclusion.


My goal is to offer you my extensive knowledge and training in anti-bias and diversity subjects because I firmly believe every school, organization, and workplace should have annual anti-bias training to increase diversity awareness, acceptance and promote ongoing reflection. The notion that we only need to do this kind of work once during induction training (to check off a box) in a company or school is misleading and dangerous.


True anti-bias work is ITERATIVE and comes from working as a community to check-in on these issues, address explicit and implicit bias, as well as go deeper in different directions, as needed, for the current climate of the working environment.

From a business perspective, this training will help foster an overall organizational, school, or corporate culture that encourages inclusive and diverse employment and business practices. This will allow you to have more of a pulse on communities or clients you may not have been able to reach or connect with before. It will also uplift employee morale and decrease the potential for bias misconduct.

The anti-bias work I facilitate and the tools and strategies I offer are constantly evolving based on the blind spots people develop for biases, the information received from the surrounding environment, our day-to-day and life experiences, the people we associate with, and finally the process of assimilation as one digests and processes everything.

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