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Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes PERMANENT.


Repetition is the key to mastery.

DEI/anti-bias work is only EFFECTIVE if we frequently reflect on it. We need time to build up the confidence to feel comfortable enough to practice what we learn and act from a social justice-oriented standpoint. Allyship is repeated action. 


People are not born upstanders; they're made.

For progress to continue, we have to revisit our tools and strategies, wrestle with new ideas, reflect on the work at the moment, and sit with the discomfort that comes with addressing biases. My job is to facilitate all this with tools and strategies to help create strong, inclusive environments that can have the flexibility to bend and sway with the needs of the population of employees or students it services.


Diversity is nothing without equity and inclusion. Creating a sense of belonging is everything. 


True impact requires perspective-taking, genuine curiosity, reflection and humility. This work is ITERATIVE. It is dialogue-based. It is essential. 


Benefits of DEI/Anti-bias work:


  1. Provides a pulse on your community that may have been unreachable before. 

  2. Known to boost employee morale.

  3. Decreases the potential for bias misconduct.

  4. Increases clarity on how to be an ally.

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