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About Kate

My name is Kate M. Beal, M.A.T. and I've been teaching and training in anti-bias education for the past 12 years. Although I was originally born and raised in Chicago, I've done this work for years in several areas of the country, from the East Coast to the West Coast. This invaluable experience has significantly broadened my reach and given me a well-rounded perspective on how various anti-bias topics take the forefront of certain communities and not others, as well as how to interact with a plethora of different people.

I've worked with early elementary aged children, adolescents, college students, parents, educators, company executives, doctors and medical personnel and small organizations.


Throughout my 12 years in this specialized field, I've taught how to instill a sense of civic responsibility and accountability in being informed, aware and speaking up against prejudice, injustice and the "-isms" they will no doubt face.


Since becoming a mother in 2021, I've learned just how much I love what I do in this field. Because anti-bias training is the only thing that gives me as much joy and fulfillment as being a mother and I passionately devote my time to every minute of it!

Kate M. Beal, M.A.T.

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