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"The cornerstone of anti-bias work is dialogue; and the first step to having these crucial conversations is learning how to sit with the discomfort that surrounds them...


That's where I come in."

-Kate M. Beal, M.A.T.

My Approach

I research and filter the latest DEI /anti-bias training tools, strategies and information specific to your environment. Then, I make it digestible and actionable. Together we will create brave spaces to have courageous conversations.


Let's get started today!

Services & Programs

Virtual or in-person workshops available!



Training teachers

and educating children

Community & Social Groups 

Training groups

of all sizes

Workplaces and Organizations

Training medium and

small-sized groups

Success Stories


"Kate has made an impact on my students' lives and my life as an educator. She has shown me the way to incorporate every student's culture and beliefs, as well as facing my own biases. Taking Kate's anti-biases training has deepened, shaped, and developed my curriculum into an inclusive, well-rounded curriculum."

- Rebecca Antoine

Anti-Bias Educator Training

"Kate has the ideal combination of skills, knowledge, experience, and passion to be an anti-bias education consultant and trainer. She understands the basic principles of anti-bias education and what it looks like in the classroom. It's more than just activities - she knows how to make it integrated into the culture of the program, including relational work with children, families, and staff."

Debbie LeeKeenan

Former Eliot-Pearson Children's School Director (Tufts University)

Active Anti-bias Leader, Early Childhood Consultant, Lecturer and Author

"Kate taught me the importance of anti-bias teaching and how it should be implemented in the early years of children. For example, when I took her class, it encouraged me to add anti-bias to my curriculum for Pre-K students. As of now, this is something I practice as an educator."
- Melissa Chukwujekwu

Affirming Diversity Class

Below is a new film, Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years (48 minutes), produced by Debbie LeeKeenan and John Nimmo. It features vignettes of anti-bias strategies in early childhood classrooms interspersed with teachers reflecting on their practice, including Kate. She is one of the leading voices in early childhood anti-bias education.


Click the picture to watch!

At The Forefront of Anti-Bias

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Based out of Chicago, IL

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